About Us

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela.

Project Obduratus more commonly  known as Project O, was established in November 2018 by 21-year-old founders Yumna Patel Tyer and Faraaz Ahmed Ismail.

Through previous community work they were exposed to the struggles that many south African’s experiences. South Africa is a developing country. It is a developed country with good infrastructure and has the potential to be so much more. A huge problem is that majority of south Africans are stuck in the cycle of poverty. This is directly linked to the after math of apartheid. So how do we break the cycle of poverty in these poverty-stricken areas of south Africa? It is through the development of the youth who are the future leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, and academics of South Africa. This is the idea that brought Project O into existence.

The “O” in Project O stands for Obduratus which is the Latin word for perseverance. However, the O not only stands for Obduratus but also “Orlando” where our journey as an organisation began- in Orlando Soweto.

Initially Project O aimed to only assist learners in matric with extra classes to improve them. marks and assist them in getting into university however in  working with these learners, we learnt more about their situations at home and their needs. These learner’s gratitude and perseverance is what inspired us to do more and give more. After just two weeks with these learners, we created portfolios that aimed to give these learners the holistic schooling environment that learners from more privileged backgrounds may get to experience.

In the first year of running Project O the organisation successfully managed to raise the pass rate of the assisted school from 76% to 84% and the bachelor’s pass rate increased by 20%. It is by this success that Project O was approached to open a second branch in the East Rand of Gauteng. We hope that in the years to come Project O can spread nationwide and assist in all parts of South Africa. 

Aim of Project O

Break the cycle of poverty through development of the youth of South Africa. We focus on learners from underprivileged backgrounds and give those fortunate enough to have studied further or are learning new skills an opportunity to use their skills to give back to the community. Development through education and various upliftment programs to provide employment and empowerment opportunities to the youth after matric.


Our  vision is to see a united group of South Africans who give back despite their religion or race. A unified nation who wants to see the best for all South Africans.


Our mission is to see the success of our learners after Project O’s help and for them to then use their success to then give back to other South Africans who are in the same position as they were. 

Founding Principles of Project O

See the portfolios that make up Project O on the "What We Do" page