What We Do

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The Tutoring division really is the backbone and foundation of the organisation. Project O’s tutoring portfolio and committee ensures that the weekly, specialised classes run swiftly. This ranges from recruiting tutor volunteers to compiling study materials. The work behind this portfolio ensures our extra classes are effectively delivered to learners with a positive outcome. The aim is to have as many tutors from different ethnicities and backgrounds as possible which lessens the frequency of visits to our facility on weekends for the tutors.


The Projects Committee handles all other drives within the organization. This includes the pad drive, stationery drive, book drive and more. The Projects Committee ensures that our facility & it’s library is a functioning and safe space for students to study and to do research. The library consists of 100s of books and encyclopaedias that we’ve collected through our book drive. Our aim is to ensure that along with educational needs, our student’s personal needs are met as well.

Fundraising and Events

The fundraising and events committee is in charge of supplementing funding for the organisation. The fundraising portfolio hosts a range of events ranging from sports to entertainment. Project O fundraising is dedicated to raising awareness and making sure all attendees have a blast at every event we host. This ensures patrons have a synonymous definition of Project O and fun! All funding goes towards the learners educational or entertainment needs. They also ensure that the students are rewarded for their constant hard work. We host their term end parties, matric dances and all other entertainment events throughout the year and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing time to unwind from the stress of studying.

Extra Mural

The extra murals component of project O focuses on youth development over and above anything taught in the classroom. We are actively working to expand our range of extra mural activities for our learners. This includes sporting initiatives and other courses such as seminars, webinars, life coaching, motivational talks etc. to try facilitate a holistic schooling experience.